His Dark Materials – good but not great

His Dark materials is a fantasy drama that takes place in a world not to different from our own . The key difference seem to be people have shape shifting intelligent pets and the world is completely controlled by a particularly shady theocracy.

Like any good fantasy show we need a underdog hero and on that it delivers Lyra (played by Dafne Keen ) is left to grow up at a collage . Lyra is an adventurous young girl who we see get into trouble due to her own headstrong behavior. Keen does an excellent job portraying an orphaned child left to her own devices .

The production value of the show is easy to shot. Affordable High quality CGI is clearly at work here along with some great set design makes the world feel very alive. Its the settle differences between their world and ours that make it feel almost eerie like somethings missing. The opening score by Lorne Balfe is excellent but I would like to see more of it in the series.

The plot at times feels a bit predictable and I have yet ( episode 3 at time of writing) to be surprised . Its not a boring show but tropes are abundant as ever. At this point

Final thoughts the shows worth checking out. I would like to see where this show ends up and I have high hopes for seeing where it will end. With any luck it will surprise me .


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